Our floral supplies have moved to www.floralsuppliesandmore.com please click on the link to order and view hundreds of new products and flower information pages.  Our new site will be the only one updated with new products, discontinued or products that come back in stock. 

Floral, Catering, Craft and Design Supplies

A full line of florist design supplies to do your own floral designs.  From bouquet holders, bouquet collars and corsage supplies to glass vases, pew clips and specialty containers for centerpieces,  we have the largest selection available. Also included are hard to find pieces to decorate theme parties and specialty centerpiece parts.  Our floral designers are available to help our customers with free information tips and tricks to use the floral supplies we sell via email.

Our floral supplies have moved to www.floralsuppliesandmore.com please click on the link to order and view hundreds of new products and flower information pages.  Our new site will be the only one updated with new products, discontinued or products that come back in stock. 

Absorbit Dye
Aisle Runners
Aisle Runners - Colored
Aluminum Wire
Anchor Pins
Angels and Cherubs
Apple Picks
Artificial Water

Bags - Bottle
Bags - Bouquet
Bags - Boutonnière
Bags - Cake Glassine Lined
Bags - Cellophane
Bags - Gift Baskets
Bags - Metallic
Bags - Organza
Bags - Plastic
Bags - Printed Fabric
Bags - Tassel
Bakery Display Pieces
Ball Candles
Ball Planters
Balloons and Supplies>>
Balloons - Clips and Stems
Balloons - Drop and Release Nets
Balloons - Heart Kits
Balloons - Hot Air Nets
Balloons - Ribbon
Balls - Moss
Balls - Vine
Bark Covered Wire
Baskets - Bamboo and Rattan
Baskets - Co-Co
Baskets - Cornucopia
Baskets - Christmas
Baskets - Liners
Baskets - Specialty
Baskets - White
Baskets - White Wash
Baskets - Willow
Baskets - Woodland Rustic
Battery Operated Candles
Battery Operated Lights
Beaded Garland
Beads - Gel
Bells - Christmas Brass
Bells - Favor
Bells - High Luster
Bind Wire
Birdhouses and Nests
Bottle Bags
Bottle Coasters - Nickel
Boutonnière Bags
Boutonnière Boxes
Boutonnière Pins
Boutonnière Tape
Bouquet Bags
Bouquet Holders
Bouquet Holder - Elegant
Bouquet Holder - Nickel Tussie
Bouquet Holder - Victorian Tussie
Bouquet Lace Backs
Bowls - Brass
Bowls - Cylinder
Bowls - Glass
Bowls - Nickel
Box Wreath Forms
Boxes - Brass
Boxes - Color
Boxes - Corsage
Boxes - Delivery
Boxes - Florist
Boxes - Rose
Boxes - Take Out
Brass Angels
Brass Candleholders
Brass Centerpieces
Brass Christmas Napkin Rings
Brass Christmas Ornaments
Brass Christmas Stocking Holders
Brass Christmas Wreath Holders
Brass Epergnes
Brass Gifts
Brass Ornament Holders
Brass Party Favors/ Trinkets
Brass Plates
Brass Trays
Brass Vases
Bride and Grooms
Bubble Bowls
Bud Vases
Bud Vases - Square
Bullion Wire
Butterflies - Feather

Cake Glassine Lined Bags
Candleholders - Brass
Candleholders - Christmas Nickel
Candleholders - Lamps/Lanterns
Candleholders - Lily Bowls
Candleholders - Nickel Votive Holders
Candleholders - Pillar
Candleholders - Tapers
Candleholders - Votive

Candles - Ball
Candles - Battery
Candles - Club
Candles - Floating
Candles - LED
Candles - Pillar
Candles - Tapers
Candles - Tealights
Candles - Votives
Card Holders
Card Holders - Nickel
Catering Foil Pans
Catering Service Supplies
Catering Dishes
Catering Serving Utensils
Cellophane - Clear
Cellophane - Colored
Cellophane Speed Sheets
Cemetery Vases

Centerpiece Supplies
Centerpiece Containers - Brass
Centerpiece Containers - Nickel
Ceramic - Assorted Sets
Ceramic - Miscellaneous
Ceramic - Mugs
Ceramic - Sports Ball
Ceramic - Tea Cups and Saucers
Ceramic - Vases and Planters
Chargers - Economy
Chargers - Nickel
Chenille Stems
Chili Display Pieces
Christmas Angels - Brass
Christmas Baskets
Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells - Brass
Christmas Candleholders - Nickel
Christmas Cappuccino Mugs
Christmas Cedar Wreaths
Christmas Crystal Frost
Christmas Garlands
Christmas Gift Box Picks
Christmas Holiday Snow
Christmas Mugs
Christmas Napkin Rings - Brass
Christmas Ornaments - Box
Christmas Ornaments - Brass
Christmas Ornaments - Glass
Christmas Ornaments - Novelty
Christmas Ornaments - Plastic
Christmas Picks
Christmas Picks - Berry
Christmas Picks - Candy
Christmas Picks - Fruit
Christmas Picks - Gift Box
Christmas Picks - Santa
Christmas Picks - Snowmen
Christmas Picks - Stars
Christmas Picks - Teddy Bear
Christmas Picks - Traditional
Christmas Sleighs
Christmas Snowflakes
Christmas Snowmen Picks
Christmas Stocking Holders - Brass
Christmas Stocking Holders - Nickel
Christmas Teacups
Christmas Wreath Holders
Circles - Organza
Circles - Tulle
Club Candles
Coasters - Nickel

Containers - Aluminum Buckets
Containers - Brass Centerpiece
Containers - Funeral Accessories
Containers - Galvanized
Containers - HL Plastic
Containers - HL Stemware
Containers - HL Vase
Containers - Lomey® Trays and Risers
Containers - Maché
Containers - Metallic
Containers - Nickel Centerpiece
Containers - Plastic
Containers - Pumpkin Planters
Containers - Utility Trays
Containers - Vases
Corded Lights

Corsage Boxes
Corsage Leaves
Corsage Magnets
Corsage Pins
Corsage Wristlets
Corsage Tape
Crowning Glory
Cylinder Vases
Deco Beads
Decoration Supplies
Decorations - Apple
Decorations - Bakery
Decorations - Beaded Garland
Decorations - Bees
Decorations - Birds
Decorations - Brass Bells
Decorations - Bride and Grooms
Decorations - Butterflies
Decorations - Christmas Berry
Decorations - Fall
Decorations - Fruit
Decorations - Glass Ornaments
Decorations - Holders
Decorations - Pearl Picks and Sprays
Decorations - Pine Cones
Decorations - Plastic Ornaments
Decorations - Rhinestone Sprays
Decorations - Sleighs
Decorations - Snowflakes
Decorations - Table Covers
Decorations - Vegetables
Delivery Boxes
Design Supplies
Design Supplies - Adhesives
Design Supplies - Anchor Pins
Design Supplies - Artificial Water
Design Supplies - Box Wreath Forms
Design Supplies - Clippers
Design Supplies - Dried Flower Cleaner
Design Supplies - Finishes
Design Supplies - Floral Food
Design Supplies - Floral Tape
Design Supplies - Florist Tools
Design Supplies - Floral Treatments
Design Supplies - Grapevine Wreaths
Design Supplies - Gerbera Supports
Design Supplies - Glue Guns
Design Supplies - Grapevine Frames
Design Supplies - Grapevine Garland
Design Supplies - Grapevine Shapes
Design Supplies - Grapevine Wreaths
Design Supplies - Greening Pins
Design Supplies - Honeysuckle Garland
Design Supplies - Knives
Design Supplies - Leaf Shine
Design Supplies - Magnets
Design Supplies - Non Wilt Leaves
Design Supplies - Pin Frogs
Design Supplies - Plant Polishes
Design Supplies - Plant Stakes
Design Supplies - Silk Cleaners
Design Supplies - Stem Stripper
Design Supplies - Stem Wrap
Design Supplies - Stephanotis Stems
Design Supplies - Twig Wreaths
Design Supplies - Water Tubes/Picks
Design Supplies - Wire Cutters
Design Supplies - Wired Picks
Dip - it Dye
Do Your Own>>
Draping - Jute
Draping  - Lamè Fabric
Draping - Metallic
Draping - Organza
Dried Flower Cleaners
Elastic Loops
Epergnes - Brass
Epergnes - Nickel
Fabric - Lamè Draping
Fabric - Metallic Draping
Fabric - Organdy Circles
Fabric - Organza Squares
Fabric - Organza Sheets
Fabric - Tulle Bolts
Fabric - Tulle Circles
Fabric - Tulle Rolls
Fabric Bags - Organza
Fabric Bags - Tassel
Fall Pumpkin Planters
Fall Picks

Favor Bags - Bottle
Favor Bags - Cake Glassine Lined
Favor Bags - Embroidered
Favor Bags - Novelty
Favor Bags - Organza
Favor Bags - Printed Fabric
Favor Bags - Satin
Favor Bags - Tassel
Favor Boxes - Clear
Favor Boxes - Color
Favor Boxes - Printed
Favor Boxes - Shaped
Favor Boxes - Take Out
Favor Supplies

Favors - Brass
Favors - Nickel
Feather Sticks, Balls, Garlands
Fiber Optic Lights
Floating Candles
Flora Mesh
Floral Adhesive
Floral Food
Floral Tape
Florist Tools
Flowers - Parchment
Foam - Dried
Foam Balls
Foam Bricks
Foam Cages
Foam Hearts
Foam Igloos
Foam Wreaths
Foil Rolls
Floral Picks and Sprays

Fresh Floral Treatments
Funeral / Cemetery Accessories

Galvanized Containers
Garlands - Christmas Metallics
Garlands - Grapevine
Garlands - Honeysuckle
Garlands - Pearl
Garlands - Star
Gel Beads
Gerbera Sleeves and Supports
Gift Bags - Basket
Gift Bags - Cellophane
Gift Bags - Muslin
Gift Bags - Organza
Gifts - Brass
Gift Wrapping Paper
Gift Wrap Metallic Rolls
Glass - Bubble Bowls
Glass - Bud Vases
Glass - Cylinder Bowls
Glass - Cylinder Vases
Glass - Flair Top Cylinder
Glass - Ivy Bowls
Glass - Poppy Vases
Glass - Pot Shape Vases
Glass - Rectangle Vases
Glass - Ruffled Rim
Glass - Square Vases
Glass - Vases
Glass - Vases Colored
Glasses - Plastic
Glasses - Toasting
Glitter Sprays
Glitter Ting
Gloss Paint
Glue Guns
Grapevine Garland
Grapevine Wreaths
Greening Pins
Guest Registers and Pens

Headpiece Accessories
Headpiece Tiaras
Home Decor Paints
Honeysuckle Garland
Ice Bucket - Nickel
Jar Holders - Nickel
Just for Flowers Tints

Lace Trims
Lamè Fabric
Lamps/Lanterns - Candle
LED Candles
Lace Bouquet Backs
Leaf Shine
Leaves - Corsage
Lights - Battery
Lights - Candles
Lights - Corded
Lights - Discs
Lights - Fiber Optics
Lights - Floralyte
Lights - Submersible
Live Wires
Lomey® Trays and Risers
Maché Containers
Marbles - River Stones
Mess Master Cleaner

Metallics - Containers
Metallics - Draping
Metallics - Glitters
Metallics - Glitter Sprays
Metallics - Glitter Ting
Metallics - Netting
Metallics - Paints

Metallics - Rolls
Metallics - Shred
Metallics - Ting
Metallic Wire
Mint Julep Cups - HL Plastic
Mint Julep Cups - Silver

Moss Balls
Moss - Black Lichen
Moss - Mood
Moss - Reindeer
Moss - Sheet
Moss - Spanish
Moss Stones
Napkin Holders
Napkin Rings Christmas Brass
Nickel - Bottle Coasters
Nickel - Bowls
Nickel - Chargers
Nickel - Christmas Candleholders
Nickel - Christmas Ornament/Holders
Nickel - Christmas Stocking Holders
Nickel - Christmas Wreath Holders
Nickel - Coasters
Nickel - Curtain Clips
Nickel - Epergnes
Nickel - Ice Bucket
Nickel - Mint Julep Cups
Nickel - Party Favors/Trinkets
Nickel - Pillar Candle/Jar Holders
Nickel - Pillar Huggers
Nickel - Table Cloth/Napkin Clips
Nickel - Tiered Centerpieces
Nickel - Trays
Nickel - Tussie Mussies
Nickel - Vases
Nickel - Votive Holders
Non Wilt Leaves
Organza Bags
Organza Basket Bags
Organza Bolts
Organza Circles
Organza Rolls
Organza Sheets
Organza Tubes
Organza Wrappers
Ornaments - Christmas Brass
Ornaments - Christmas Plastic
Ornaments - Christmas Novelty
Ornaments - Glass
Ornaments - Glass with Wire
Ornament Holders - Brass
Ornament Holders - Nickel
Paddle Wire

Paint - Absorbit Dye
Paint - Color Sprays
Paint - ColorTex
Paint - Crystal Frost
Paint - Dip - it Dye
Paint - Finishes
Paint - Glazes
Paint - Glitter Sprays
Paint - Glosses and Stains
Paint - Holiday Snow
Paint - Home Decor Paints
Paint - Just for Flowers
Paint - Mess Master Cleaner
Paint - Metallic Paints
Paint - Pearly Dew
Paint - Primer
Paint - Sealers
Paint - Wood Stains
Paper Shred
Paper Flowers
Party Supplies>>
Pearl Picks and Sprays
Pearl Rolls
Pearly Dew
Pew Clips
Pew Vases
Picks - Apple
Picks - Bakery
Picks - Christmas
Picks - Christmas Berry
Picks - Christmas Candy
Picks - Christmas Fruit
Picks - Christmas Snowmen
Picks - Christmas Teddy
Picks - Floral Sprays
Picks - Florist
Picks - Fruit
Picks - Pearl
Picks - Pine Cones
Picks - Rhinestone
Picks - Vegetables
Pillar Candles
Pillar Candleholders
Pillar Candleholders - Nickel
Pine Cones
Pins - Boutonnière & Corsage
Pins - Greening
Pin Frogs
Plant Polishes
Plant Stakes
Planters - Ceramic
Plastic Containers
Plastic HL Containers
Plastic HL Stemware
Plastic HL Vases
Plastic Vases

Plates - Brass


Rectangle Vase
Rhinestone Picks
Ring Pillows
Risers and Trays
River Rock
Rose Boxes
Rose Petals - Silk
Rose Petals - Silk Economy
Server Sets
Shred - Metallic
Shred - Iridescent
Shred - Paper and Cello
Shrink Wrap
Silk Cleaners
Silk Flowers - Bulk>>
Speed Sheets
Sports Ball Planters
Spray Adhesives
Square Vase
Star Garland
Stars - High Luster
Stem Stripper
Stem Wrap
Stephanotis Stems
Stocking Holders - Brass
Stocking Holders - Nickel
Stocking Holders
Stones - Moss
Stones - River
Straw Bales
Straw Wreath
Styrofoam Balls
Styrofoam Bricks
Styrofoam Crosses
Styrofoam Hearts
Styrofoam Wreaths
Submersible Lights
Table Covers
Table Settings
Table Skirting
Table Skirting Clips / Fasteners
Taper Candles
Taper Candleholders
Tea Cups and Saucers
Tea Light Candles
Trays - Brass
Trays - Nickel
Trays - Plastic
Trays - Utility
Tulle Bolts
Tulle Circles
Tulle Rolls
Tussie Mussies - Nickel
Twig Wreaths
Utility Trays

Vases - Brass
Vases - Bud
Vases - Ceramic
Vases - Colored Glass
Vases - Cylinder
Vases - HL Plastic
Vases - Nickel
Vases - Pew
Vases - Plastic
Vases - Ruffled Rim
Vases - Rectangle
Vases - Square
Vases - Utility
Vegetable Display Pieces
Vine Wreaths
Votive Candleholders
Votive Candleholders - Nickel
Votive Candles
Wall Vases
Water Cans
Water Tubes/Picks
Wedding - Cake Server Sets
Wedding - Cake Topper Supplies
Wedding - Guest Registers
Wedding - Headpiece Accessories
Wedding - Headpiece Tiaras
Wedding - Pens
Wedding - Ring Pillows

Wire - Aluminum
Wire - Binding
Wire - Bullion
Wire - Chenille
Wire - Live
Wire - Metallic
Wire Cutters
Wired Picks

Wreath - Grapevine
Wreath - Twig
Wreath Forms
Wreath Hangers
Wreath Holders

Our floral supplies have moved to www.floralsuppliesandmore.com please click on the link to order and view hundreds of new products and flower information pages.  Our new site will be the only one updated with new products, discontinued or products that come back in stock. 

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